A Dirty Little Secret
Author: Donna
Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate a case run by a chauvinist

Alarming Behavior
Author: Lovesfox
Story, Angst, MSR, NC-17
Summary: Something terrible happens, can Mulder and Scully deal with it?

Any Means Necessary
Author: Ophelia
X, A, Mulder/Scully friendship/UST, Rape
Summary: Mulder suffers a brutal sexual attack, which unexpectedly puts him and the Consortium on the same side.

Audio Dynamite
Author: Crash
Angst, MSR, NC-17
Summary: Scully experiences nightmares of her own rape while working on a serial rape case. Mulder helps her deal with her feelings.

Best Friends
Author: Donna
Summary: In response to a challenge

Author: Shannon Alayna
S, A, R, MSR, NC-17
Summary: In response to the abusive boyfriend challenge. Read the challenge, you know the plot.

Author: Sherry Davis
MSR, S, ScullyAngst, MulderTorture, NC-17
Summary: A violent encounter turns Mulder and Scully's world upside down.

Author: Angela C.J. Wettergren
MSR, SRA, Rape, NC-17
Summary: He was 'the chosen'. He chose her. But her partner had something else in mind. Sometimes love is stronger than destiny.

Cruento Somnium
Authors: Eviltwins aka Lana and Laine
MSR, XFile, Rape, graphic violence, NC-17
Summary: Scully is plagued by a series of unexplainable dreams and mulder figures she might actually find her way into yet another xfile, thus breaking her own record. Meanwhile, women are dying, internal organs are missing, (eww, yuck) and it's up to our favorite agents to figure out why before Scully's time runs out.

Fractured Soul
Author: Mulderslady
Angst, MT, Rape, MS married, NC-17
Summary: Mulder's wonderful life is turned upside down, when he's brutally assaulted and starts remembering his forgotten past

Author: Scarlet Scully
MSR, SRA, Rape, NC-17
Summary: Mulder is trying to comfort Scully after a difficult experience, but for some reason she is reminded of it every time they are together. Can they get through this?

Just Lucky
Author: Quark
X, T, A, M/S UST, MulderAngst, ScullyAngst, ScullyTorture, MulderTorture, Rape
Summary: A mysterious murder case turns into a torturous angst-fest.

Repressed I
Author: Breck Lynn Walsh
Summary: When Scully and Mulder are assigned to the case of an escaped serial rapist turned murderer, devastating truths are revealed

Author: Donna
MSR, rape, Angst, NC-17
Summary: Sometimes they keep things from each other, but they're stronger together.

Author: Little JO
rape, NC-17
Summary: Scully is brutally raped by Krycek.

Something Familiar
Author: rockrgrrl
Rape/M/S romance
Summary: Scully is made vulnerable after she is raped, and Mulder is the one that steers her onto the road of recovery, and into the world of a bit of romance.

Authors: MuldersMamma & TuChicken
MSR, Rape-fic, SRA, NC-17
Summary: Scully and Mulder get into a fight...little do they know that later on, they will both pay a price...

Split the Lark

Author: syntax6
SA, Super Angst, NC-17

The Awakening
Author: Amy Schatz
Angst, MSR, NC-17
**STORY NOTE and WARNING**: !!If graphic descriptions of sexual assault (but not rape) bother you, please avoid this story, or at the very least, be warned.!! I would never want what happens to Scully in this story to really happen to her, GA, or any woman. This is just a story, and I wanted to see how the characters would react under these conditions

The Messenger
Author: Humbuggie
X-File/horror/UST, Mulder and Scully Angst, Skinner friendship
Summary: A woman from the past returns to take terrible revenge on Mulder and his partner, leaving Scully blind for life. When he is offered a chance to take Scully's place, he accepts, not only endangering his own life, but also changing his life forever, not knowing the link with his own past is closer than anyone could ever think

The Spell
Author: Kelli Rocherolle
Summary: A classic, beloved novel about their long term romance.

Author: Donna
MSR, SRA, Rape
Summary: Maybe The Cigarette Smoking Man isn't the worst

Truly Belonging
Author: Donna
Summary: Together, it's the only way.

Unchecked Emotions
Author: G.L.
V, A, PG
Summary: When personal tragedy befalls Scully, Mulder's protective instincts are thrown into overdrive

Without Comfort
Author: Donna
Summary: Scully turns to others for comfort instead of Mulder.

Finding Comfort
Author: Donna
MSR, NC-17
Summary: Sequel to Without Comfort.

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