A Stiff One
Author: Shannon Kizzia
Summary: It's my first crack at a first time story! *cue scary music*

Author: X-Phan
E-mail: xphan1013@yahoo.com
MSR, SR, H, Story/Romance, Humor, NC-17
Spoilers: As always, set before the last 2 seasons, during the "status quo" time before "the baby", Doggett, Mulder's abduction etc... but no serious spoilers.
Summary: Alternate Universe. Revenge is a dish best served high

Closet Doors

Author: Narida Law
MSR, voyeurism, SRH, NC-17
Summary: A third party finds himself observing some pretty personal happenings between his best friend's little sister and her partner.

Dressed by Armani
Author: Caroline
MSR, NC-17
Summary: When Mulder poses for a GQ calendar, Scully realises how many women are after her man, and decides its time to take some action

Good Vibrations
Author: Lysandra
E-mail: Lysandra@mediaone.net or Lysandra31@aol.com
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ms/lysandlys/fanfic.html
SRH, M/S UST in a big way, NC-17
Spoilers: set in the 6th or 7th season, pre-"Sixth Extinction;" specific mention to "Ice," which is so old that it really can't be considered a spoiler, can it?
Summary: Mulder finds Scully's stash

In Vino Veritas
Author: Dawson Rambo

Nightclub Jitters
Author: Dasha K
Scully/other, MSR, Slash, SRA, NC-17
Summary: An impromptu visit to a dance club teaches Mulder a few new things about Scully. Basically your mother's worst nightmare: angst, booze, bad language, techno music, smoking, lesbians in high heels, smut, tight t-shirts, slash and even some love thrown in for the heck of it.

Rosemary Is For Remembrance
Author: Kelly Beadle
MSR, NC-17
Disclamer: I own no-one. Thank you to the Indigo Girls who don't know I borrowed their beautiful song. Thanks to Chris Carter, as well.

Two of a Kind
Author: Michelle
E-mail: michellef@md.prestige.net or mulderimyours24@hotmail.com
MSR, smut, NC-17
Spoilers: Three of a Kind
Author's notes: The beginning of the second scene contains most of the same wording as in the episode just mixed around a bit to fit the way I wanted, just thought I'd let you know incase you didn't catch on!

Two of a Kind
Author: Satina
E-mail: bizzzichick@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/xtasy
Smut Biscuit, MSR, RST, NC-17
Spoilers: Three of a Kind Watch it first, then read this. My way's better. Promise.
Summary: This takes place during the episode "Three of a Kind" and is an alternate telling of what COULD have happened if the Gunmen had called Mulder for help when they found Scully drugged and giggling. What the hell were they thinking, anyway??

Author: Dianora
MSR, NC-17
A quick note: you will notice that in this piece the characters do not practice safe sex. While I am a huge proponent of safe sex and appreciate it when it is portrayed realistically in fiction, my policy here is, I'm already working within a fantasy world in this piece, since Mulder and Scully actually get together, so in this fantasy world there are no sexually transmitted diseases! It's my own little reality, okay?

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