Bars on the Windows
Author: Gemma Kingsley
T, R (MSR), A
Summary: On the wrong side of the law, Mulder and Scully must prove their innocence while racing against time and the people who want them out of the way for good.

Author: Donna
MSR, angst
Summary: Scully has to save his ass, again . . .

From the Ashes
Author: Jamie Greco
Summary: When Mulder is accused of sexual assault by a confused young girl, it begins an odyssey which will cause him to doubt every aspect of his life. But as Scully works to find out the hidden truth behind the events, Mulder realizes that she is the one truth upon which he can always rely.

In The Heat Of The Night
Authors: TBishop and Keleka
MSR/Lurid fiction, NC-17
Summary: Jailsmut.

Into the Grave
Author: Gerry Hill
X, MSR, A. Rated R, with caution to teens for sexual situations
Summary: Mulder gets laid, there's a murder, he goes to jail

Veritas Nullus
Author: Janet
Rape, AU, Mulder/Scully/Skinner friendship; Scully/other romance; Scully/Mulder UST
Summary: Scully is raped in Mulder's apartment and Mulder is shot by her gun. Is he the assailant?

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