A Late Night Offer
Author: Poor Queequeg
E-mail: poor_queequeg@hotmail.com
Summary: Mulder and Scully have returned to DC after a case, and Scully finds she has to make a choice - will she allow their relationship to continue as it has in the past or is she prepared to make a change.
Author's Notes: This story was inspired by the line from the Season 9 episode TrustNo1 where a character tells Scully that "I know that on one lonely night you invited Mulder to your bed." This is simply one version of how that invitation might have come to pass. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

Author: Easterhawk
E-mail: aerierlh@gnv.fdt.net
SA, MSR, MF, m/f Rape(past), NC-17
Summary: Mulder must deal with issues from his past before he can live in the present. Scully helps him through it all

All the Potatoes
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
Spoilers: Small Potatoes
Summary: If the episode had lasted just a little bit longer....

A Love like Friendship
Author: Cerulean1
E-mail: cerulean1@hotmail.com or cerlean.ogre@gmail.com
S, H, R. Maybe a wee bit of angst in the middle. Heavy MSR
Spoilers: this is pre during and post Arcadia. If you haven't seen that you won't understand a word of this. Mention of Emly, and Per Manum. Seeing Redux II is suggested, to understand the Bill-Muldr animosity.
Summary: What, exactly, is the likely-hood that Scully neve saw her brother while in San Diego over her birthday?

Authors: shannono and Brandon D. Ray
Shannon's: shannono@iname.com
Brandon's: publius@avalon.net
CONTENT WARNING: Smut. A little angst. MSR. PDA. Coitus interruptus. General sappiness here and there. Etc.

A Matter of Time
Author: aka "Jake"
E-mail: nejake@tds.net
URL: http://akajake.net
Summary: In vitro fertilization? Mulder's terminal brain condition? The conception of little Will? Scully sorts out the events of Season 7 and tells us when and how she and Mulder became lovers

And a Silver Sixpence
Author: Teigen
E-mail: TeigenDouglas@aol.com
MSR, Story/Romance/Smut, Arcadia, NC-17
Summary: What happened behind closed doors at The Falls at Arcadia?

An Informed Choice
Author: Karen Rasch
E-mail: krasch@earthlink.net
URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~krasch
V, MSR, post-ep ("All Things"), NC-17
Summary: "What if there was only one choice, and all the other choices were wrong... All the choices would then lead to this very moment."

Arcadian Rings
Author: Chad K. Tanaka
E-mail: chadt@aloha.net
Mulder/Scully Romance, UST, ScullyAngst
Spoilers: Post-"Arcadia."
Summary: Scully wrestles with the aftermath of her undercover mission with Mulder at Arcadia. A Scully "ring" story.

Arcadia Revisited
Author: Queegqueg

Back Just In Time
Author: Jayne Austin
E-mail: jausti6483@aol.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/4571/
MSR, Babyfic
Summary: He did get home in time

Beds Are Burning
Author: Shannon Kizzia
E-mail: lmelao@earthlink.net
Summary: The ever-erotic, if sometimes clumsy, dance from UST to RST. Some allergies, some games, some alcohol, some smut....

Big Potatoes
Author: Donnilee
E-mail: Donnilee@snet.net
URL: http://donnilee.tripod.com
MSR, NC-17
Summary: Post Ep. What happened after they left the jail?

Author: Jess
E-mail: snarkypup@hotmail.com
URL: http://galias.arjika.com/Jess/jess.htm
MSR, NC-17
Summary: On the day of his 38th birthday, Mulder decides to reveal the truth to Scully and see where it gets him... (where do you think?)

Birthday Blues
Author: Donnilee
Email: donnilee@snet.net
URL: http://www.donnilee.tripod.com
MSR, NC-17 - Descriptive Sex - Bad language
Summary: Mulder takes advantage of his birthday to manipulate Scully into a little hanky panky

By Coincidence
Author: Cathleen Faye
E-mail: kimerikal@aol.com
URL: http://members.aol.com/kimerikal
MSR, NC-17
Summary: Set in 1995. As Mulder recovers from brush with death in the Arctic Circle, he reflects on the things that he has to tell Scully before he starts running out of chances. On the same day, across town, Scully uncovers a moment from Mulder's past which she thinks provides her with clues about his present. But sometimes all is not what it seems on the surface. By coincidence, they meet in a park on a cold winter day and what looks like happenstance actually just might be fate taking over matters of the heart from two people who clearly need some help.

By Coincidence II
Author: Cathleen Faye
E-mail: kimerikal@aol.com
URL: http://members.aol.com/kimerikal
MSR, NC-17
Summary: --//--

Coming Clean
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
Spoilers: Emily
Summary: Come clean about their feelings - these two???

Coming Cleaner
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
MSR, NC-17
Summary: Sequel to Coming Clean

Author: gmd614@aol.com
Summary: When Mulder drops in on Scully's quiet night at home, is he prepared to face the truths revealed in the events that follow?

Completely True
Author: Andrea
Email: ardywyn@hotmail.com
MSR, Chimera post-ep, Mulder POV, NC-17
Spoilers: Through Chimera
Summary: --//--

Covenants, Contracts & Restrictions
Author: Suzanne Schramm
E-mail: sister_suze@yahoo.com
Spoilers: Arcadia (slight for One Son/Two Fathers)
Summary: Missing scene from Arcadia.

Conversation on a Wet Night
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
Summary: What the title says, a conversation. . .

Cutting to the Chase

Author: PD
E-mail: syzygial@comcast.net
URL: http://www.syzygial.com
MSR, babyfic, SRH
Summary: "You know, Scully, you don't have to qualify our relationship to anyone. Not even to your brother."
Scully sighed and curled her arm over his chest. "Still, one of these days, I'd like to figure out exactly what to say when I need to make introductions. 'Hello, I'd like you to meet my...'" Scully made a Password gesture that would have made the late, great Allen Ludden proud as a new papa.
"How 'bout Mulder?"
She grinned. "I'd like you to meet my Mulder?"
"I am," he said.

Damaged Goods
Author: Caroline O'Callaghan
Email: caroline.o@virgin.net
MSR, NC-17
Spoilers: Momento Mori
Summary: In an effort to comfort his distressed partner Mulder reveals one of his deepest, darkest secrets.

Dana Katherine's Secret
Author: Alicia K
E-mail: spartcus1@msn.com
MSR, NC-17
Summary: Mulder takes Scully out on a long overdue date, and discovers what little secret she has hiding underneath her staid suits

Dance Steps
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
MSR, Smut, NC-17
Summary: There's only a couple of people in the world I would write a PWP for, and Tali's one of them - Happy Birthday!

Dance Without Sleeping
Author: Lydia Bower
E-mail: bower2@juno.com
S, A, eventual MSR, NC-17
Summary: Scully learns to live with her cancer and take back control of her life.

Dead Pools
Author: Sheena
E-mail: wendyt@ucla.edu
Summary: Sex, angst, not much plot

Deliver Me
Author: Louise Marin
Email: l_marin@geocities.com
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/la/xspot/
SA, M/S UST; Mulder Angst
Spoilers: Elegy; Demons
Summary: Mulder finds a tiny little light in the dark, dark place between 'Elegy' and 'Demons.'

Authors: Mystic and Megan
E-mails: Nalvarez@delphi.com & zzcf89a@prodigy.com

F. Emasculata Aftermath
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
MSR, NC-17
Summary: For Tali's 2nd Season Challenge

False Assumptions
Author: mimic117
E-mail: mimic117@yahoo.com
MSR, S, A, NC-17
Spoilers: Triangle specifically, but nothing else mentioned, and that only in passing.
Summary: Mulder's been thinking about Scully's "oh brother" at the hospital for the last week. The more he thinks, the madder he gets. It's time to show her he wasn't joking.

Authors: The Pen and the Brain

First Time
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
MSR, NC-17
Spoilers: All Things
Summary: Those missing scenes from the episode

First Times
Author: Lara Means
E-mail: darknesslight@aol.com
Summary: Scully forces Mulder to deal with the Eddie Van Blundht incident and gets more than she may have bargained for.(Set immediately after Small Potatoes.)

Five Months
Author: Agent Diana Fowley
E-mail: agtdianafowley@yahoo.com
MSR, scully angst, Mulder angst, Scully POV, NC-17
Spoilers: All things, Requiem, HAD, anything after All Things
Summary: Mulder is found three months after he was taken.

For Life
Author: Leyla Harrison
S, Scully angst, MSR
Summary: Post-"Never Again". Need I say more?

Gathering Strength
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
MSR, angst
Spoilers: Memento Mori
Summary: How much longer can she go on?

He and I
Author: Doxsgirl
E-mail: Doxsgirl@email.com
VR- Vignette/Romance, MSR
Summary: Scully relects on her relationship with Mulder and where she's prepared for it to go

Heart's Desire
Author: Cybill
E-mail: cybill@pacbell.net
URL: http://www.cybillxfilesopus.com
Summary: Mulder is not quite feeling like himself. Scully doesn't know what to think. Madame FeFe casts a spell and everyone lives happily ever after. Isn't that how these things are supposed to go?

Author: Jenna Tooms
E-mail: jenna@exeter.simplenet.com
Summary: One hot night. One bucket of ice. Our intrepid duo

Hero Worship
Author: Henle Girl
E-mail: Henle_Girl@hotmail.com
Spoilers: Fight the Future
Summary: After Mulder rescues Scully, not everyone sees him as the hero.

Home for Christmas
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
Spoilers: Emily
Summary: Just a little Christmas present

If He Asked You

Author: Narida Law
E-mail: narida@vanishingscroll.com
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ms/naridalaw
SR or VR, NC-17
Summary: A woman's lover wants a few questions answered.

I'll Pay
Author: Bexbel
E-mail: Bexbel@aol.com
MSR, NC-17
Summary: What is a professional woman to do when she's alone and in need of some TLC?

Imagining a Life
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
MSR, angst, PG-13
Summary: A Mulder sees the other side

Author: Jayne Austin
E-mail: Jausti6483@aol.com
Relationship, NC-17
Spoilers: Memento Mori
Summary: How well can Mulder look after her for a change?

Author: Dasha K.
E-mail: dashaxf@gmail.com
Spoilers: Tithonus and just about everything else before it.
Summary: Sometimes love and healing don't happen all at once, but in increments. After Scully's shooting, she and Mulder must learn to finally accept change in their relationship.

Information Overload
Author: Donna
E-mail: donnah@donnas-stories.com
URL: http://www.donnas-stories.com
Spoilers: Fight the Future
Summary: No more secrets, at least from each other

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