Beauty's Beast
Author: Susan Proto
Story, MulderTorture, Angst, M&S/UST/PG13
Summary: Mulder suffers love and loss

Author: Terri Monture
Summary: It's set in the future after Mulder has disappeared and a fearful Scully gets in contact with him.

Dandelions for Luck
Author: Jaime Lyn Morris
MSR, Angst
Summary: when you tell someone you love them, and they're not there to hear it, what is left?

Dandelions on the Wind, Part 1: Shattered
Author: Jaime Lyn Morris
MSR, Angst, Mythology
Author's note: The vignette that preceeded this, `Dandelions for Luck,' had been a standalone story originally, with only the barest hint of a back story. But when I got all those emails begging for a sequel, I thought, hey, what the heck.

Dandelions on the Wind: Part 2: To be Repaired
Author: Jaime Lyn Morris
MSR, Angst, Mythology

Authors: Diana Battis and alanna
S, A, MSR, NC-17
Summary: The subtext of shadows

Jasper's Last Thought
Author: MD1016
Summary: Scully is abducted again, and returned to find her world has changed.

Letters to the Lost
Author: The AwesomoFox a.k.a. A. Lalad
SA Pre-XF, PG-13
Summary: Scully finds letters written by a teenage Mulder to his sister

Author: Donna
MSR, Angst, PG-13
Spoilers: Emily
Summary: They've been used, again

Phoebe Greene's Last Laugh
Author: FatCat
MSR, Vignette
Summary: Phoebe Greene has the last laugh after all

Roses Drowning on the Storm
Author: Ary GH
Angst, Scully's POV
Summary: Mulder and Scully face the forces of nature
Warning: This is NOT a nice story. Rated strong R for the situations depicted in it

Secrets From the Past
Author: Henle Girl
Spoilers: Chimera
Summary: As memories from Scully's past begin to manifest themselves to her, Mrs. Scully learns the hard way how buried secrets can come back to haunt you

Author: Dawson E. Rambo
SRA, MSR, ScullyAngst, MulderAngst, UST

Sight Unseen
Author: afg
Angst, Scully/Other but really MSR, NC-17
Spoilers: William
Summary: When loneliness is a burden, not a choice

So Ends My Life
Author: Jo-Ann Lassiter
Summary: When Mulder thinks he's dying and goes to Scully for help, she kicks him out. Can their partnership--and Mulder's life-- be saved?

Author: Mary Kleinsmith
MT, MA, MSR, SA, ST...
Summary: What's left when the most important person in your life is suddenly gone?

Wounded Heart
Author: Sherry Davis
S, MSR, NC-17
Summary: A body found in Mulder's home town shatters his dreams and prompts him to question his memory of the events surrounding his sister's disappearance

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