34 Hours
Author: Leyla Harrison
Summary: It's Mulder's worst nightmare when Scully is kidnapped -- and it's the greatest terror Scully has ever faced. Can Mulder get to her before time runs out?

A Matter of Priorities
Author: Gerry Hill
Summary: Mulder finishes a case in Bangor, Maine, and is on his way to his next case and to meet Scully, but fate intervenes in the form of a serial killer

A Dark Slide of Ecstasy
Author: Shalimar
MSR, Story, Angst, NC-17
Author's note: I know many readers are not interested in stories that contain rape content. I agree completely. Rape is a horrible thing. Unfortunately, once started, the rape storyline became important to the whole story. It has darker elements than anything I've written so far. On the other hand, I think it holds a positive message of two loving adults

All Things Bright and Beautiful
Author: dlynn
post episode, MSR, psychological thriller, angst
Summary: "Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?"

Author: X-Phan
MSR, SR, Story/Romance, NC-17
Summary:: Story of how a ticking clock changed everything. Well... not really

Author: X-Phan
UST, SR, H, Story/Romance, some Humor, NC-17
Summary: Mulder and Scully are held captive together with an amusing twist courtesy of their good buddy the one-armed man

Final Communion
Author: Foxhunt2blue
M/S Friendship, NC-17
Summary: A serial killer from Scully's past reaches out to complete the job he didn't finish ten years ago

Full Circle
Author: Dawn
Muldertorture, ScullyAngst, MSR, M/S/Sk friendship
Summary: What if there was more to one of those bogus fertilizer checks for Kersh? A routine assignment turns deadly for Mulder, and resurrects painful memories from his childhood.

Haunted Moon
Author: Stephanie Kaiser
MSR, RxA, NC-17
Summary: Mulder and Scully find themselves lost and in trouble one night under a haunted moon. But when it's all over and done, can they find love?

I Don't Know
Author: CC Decker
TRA, MSR, hunting, trust, NC-17
Summary: Inspired by the short story "A Most Dangerous Game," Mulder and Scully are kidnaped and turned loose on an island to be hunted for sport by a psychotic man.

Injuries to the Spirit
Author: Mystphile@aol.com
T, SA, MA, UST, NC-17
Summary: Scully is captured by a psychopath; Mulder investigates.
The story explores the effects of being held captive by a madman.

Lesser Evils
Author: Hannah Mason
SAR, NC-17
Summary: Mulder thought that no one could ever want Scully as much as he did. He was dead wrong.

Necessary Journeys
Author: Dorenda
UST, MSR, MulderAngst, ScullyAngst, Rape, NC-17
Summary: Mulder and Scully get involved in a case from his past which has a profound impact on their relationship.

Only Skin Deep
Author: mimic117
S, A, M/S established relationship, NC-17
Summary: "Squinting against the ache in his head, Mulder tried to focus. Waist-length blonde hair framed a lovely, heart-shaped face. Bright blue eyes were surrounded by thick, black lashes. A button nose perched above a full, cupid's-bow mouth. Her petite body was lushly curved and definitely not a child's, in spite of the piping voice which made her sound like one. Her voice was vaguely familiar although he was pretty sure he'd never seen her face before. He did recognize the gun pointed at him, though. It was his."
NOTE: There's a vignette prequel to this story called "In Sight."


Author: Mulderslady
MSR, Mulder and Scully angst, Physical and Mental MT, MS Married, NC-17
Summary: How far would Mulder go to protect Scully? Could he live with the consequences of his actions?

Pleasure In Pain
Author: Skinfull
X-MT, Rape Scenes and implied CD, NC-17
Summary: Mulders profiling skills comes under fire when his predictions fall far from the mark putting him and other agents in grave danger.

Pleasure In Pain: In the Name Of The Father
Author: Skinfull
XRA (With a side helping of MT), NC-17
Summary: Mulder was kidnapped and is missing for 4 weeks until he is picked up on the side of the road by an ambulance that received an anonymous call as to his whereabouts...this is where we begin!

Pleasure In Pain: In the Name Of The Father II
Author: Skinfull
Summary: --//--

Author: IndigoMuse
MSR, angst, NC-17
Summary: Scully's getting stalked, and when she disappears, Mulder finds their relationship under suspician, whilst he searches for her. Meanwhile, she's not inclined to just sit back and wait to be rescued.

Author: Donna
MSR, Scully angst
Summary: Would she give her life's blood to save him?

Author: Donna
MSR, NC-17
Summary: How much togetherness is too much?

Author: Lysandra
SRA; Mulder/Scully UST; MSR
Summary: Scully and Mulder find themselves in a tight spot. Spooning ensues.

Trusting James
Author: Kristyn Collins
MSR, TR, rape, NC-17
Summary: Scully is kidnapped, but with very little clues left behind, Scully is left to save herself

Walk With Me
Author: RocketMan
Notes: This is very loosely based on a real rapist around the Memphis area, who was just caught in Chicago by the FBI. While the 'walk with me' idea is the same, I have used artistic license and I know NO details about the actual crimes.

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