A Familiar Affair
Author: Jedi Shipper
Summary: High School is over and Dana is in London. You figure out the rest

Champagne Supernova - I
Authors: Rotem Shahar and Cathey Scully
Summary: "And maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, you're my Wonderwall."

Champagne Supernova - II
Authors: Rotem Shahar and Cathey Scully
Summary: --//--

Class Project I
Author: Carolina
PreX, MSR, R
Summary: Mulder and Scully develop their relationship at the FBI Academy at Quantico

Class Project II
Author: Carolina
PreX, MSR, R
Summary: --//--

Coming Home I
Author: Melissa Lee a.k.a. Kennedy
MSR, Pre-XF continuing until the X-Files, Strong R
Summary: A teenage Dana and a twenty-year-old Mulder meet the summer before Dana starts college.

Coming Home II
Author: Melissa Lee a.k.a. Kennedy
MSR, Pre-XF continuing until the X-Files, Strong R
Summary: --//--

Coming Home III
Author: Melissa Lee a.k.a. Kennedy
MSR, Pre-XF continuing until the X-Files, Strong R
Summary: --//--

Dancing series 1: She's like the wind
Author: Tanja
Pre-xfiles, MSR
Summary: A young Scully falls in love with her dancing teacher during a holiday with her parents. What will happen when her father finds out?

Dancing series 2: I had the time of my life
Author: Tanja
Pre-xfiles, MSR
Summary: Dana doesn't want to talk to her father anymore after what he did to her, but her father tries to make everything alright again. Will Dana and Fox dance the last dance of the summer together?

Dancing series 3: Be my baby
Author: Tanja
Pre-xfiles, MSR
Summary: It's fifteen years later. Fox and Dana are working together as special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The FBI is organizing a dance, will this bring back forgotten memories? Some people are in for a surprise.....

Faith in Love
Author: Drew Anderson
SRA, MSR, Pre-XF(Rape), NC-17
Summary: Scully is raped back in 1988 by her boyfriend. 11 years later, he's released and Mulder finds out. Mulder and Scully have to deal with the repercussions of her rape, and their feelings.

Fateful meeting
Author: Daniela Riedel
SRA/ MSR/ pre-XF/rape
Summary: A young Fox Mulder finds a young woman in the park who was raped. He takes care of her and finds so much more...

First Exchanges
Author: Donna
Pre-X, MSR, angst, R
Summary: How they could have met . . .

In Love and Baseball
Author: Cathey Scully
E-mail: CatheyScully@the-pentagon.com and Foreverxphile@adelphia.net
URL: http://members.aol.com/auralissa/index.html
Mulder/Scully Romance, Alternate Universe, Pre-X-Files
Summary: Baseball brings everyone together, but for young Mulder and Scully, is it too much?

It all began so long ago...
Author: Daniela Riedel
MSR/ pre-XF
Summary: He was 20 and she was 17 when it happened...

Life Times 3: Best Friends With Benefits
Author: Agent Quetzel
Alternate Universe, MSR, ANGST maybe, NC-17
Summary: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and Alex Krycek have been best friends since child hood. Dana has gotten engaged to 'the man of her dreams.' Will her two best friends be there to suport her while she goes through a maze of emotions? I promise, this will be good!

London Times
Author: Donna
Pre-X, AU, MSR, NC-17
Summary: When did they meet?

London Times Revisited
Author: Donna
Spoilers: The Sixth Extinction, London Times
Summary: --//--

Meeting Agent Mulder
Author: Sara B.
AU, MSR, M/O, S/O (past relationship), S/A, M/A
Summary: Scully is a new FBI Recruit and Mulder gives a lecture on profiling. He royally ticks her off and romance ensues. The infamous Phoebe Greene makes an appearance and does what she does best, causes trouble.

Meeting the Invisible Man
Author: Shinkai
MSR, Pre X-Files, SR, Rape, NC-17
Summary: Part 1 - Pre X-Files A 20 year old Dana Scully on vacation in London meets Fox Mulder, an Oxford Ph.D. Candidate. A platonic relationship develops that takes a serious detour when she is brutally rape just before returning to the States.
Part 2- 8 years later, they meet again as partners.....

A Meeting of Chances
Author: Dyann Zimmerman
MSR; RST, R, NC-17
Summary: What if Mulder and Scully actually met while in college?

Mulder TLC
Author: FatCat
E-mail: FatCat926@msn.com
URL: http://donnilee.tripod.com/fatcat
AU(sorta) MSR, RST M/A, NC-17
Spoilers: No Requiem, season 8 or season 9 in this world
Summary: The relationship that developed in Scully Love is explored from Mulder's point of view. Angst with a happy ending. This is FatCat, after all.

Party Time
Author: Donna
Pre X-Files, PG-13
Summary: Where's the glass slipper?

Author: Amy Schatz
Summary: This is an MSR all the way, guys. Also, since there's a discrepancy/ error in the "Official Guide to the X-Files", I had to make a judgment call about Mulder's schooling. I picked the year that made more sense to me. So, in this story, he graduated from Oxford in '82 and the FBI Academy in '84.

Author: Cathey Scully
MSR, S, R, A, AU, Pre-XF, Kidfic
Summary: If a young Scully had a child with someone else, would Mulder still love her?

What Might Have Been
Author: FatCat
S/R Pre X-File to Season 6, MSR, Scully angst, Mulder Angst, RST, BS gets his, NC-17
Summary: Milagro events force our heroes to relive past relationships.

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